As a gourmet popcorn business, we strive to make the best product in the greater St. Louis area while bringing people together to serve others. With donations and fundraising being a strong factor in the business’ mission, we do everything that we can to help support those in our community.

At Kirkwood Pop Co, we offer a variety of fundraising opportunities. These opportunities include:

  • Host a fundraiser night at Kirkwood Pop Co. Your organization can select a day where 25% of our total sales will be donated to you!

  • Order form sales. We will provide you with an order form listing all of our flavors and purchase options that you can take door to door over a period of time and sell our product. Once complete, we will make and package your popcorn according to your orders and you will receive 30% of the profit!

  • Bulk Sales. Come in and purchase extra large bags of Kirkwood Pop Co. popcorn, then package and sell it on your own. Any profit made is yours to keep!

In addition to donating and fundraising, Kirkwood Pop Co. participates in events such as weddings, birthday parties, golf tournaments, and more! These inquires can be made via our website, though email or stop by and see us in store.

Whether we are raising money for a family in need, a charity, or an organization, Kirkwood Pop Co. is here for you! Give us a call or come see us at 108 North Kirkwood Road to find out more about how you can help us help those in the community. We are looking forward to working with you soon!